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Ha ha! Trick question! SproutCore is a client-side application framework (unlike, say, Google Web Toolkit). No part of SproutCore “runs” on the server, and SproutCore contains no “server-side” libraries. A web server (Apache, for example) is only used to deliver plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the browser. Once those initial files have been served, a SproutCore-based application runs entirely in the browser (and can easily be run “offline”, with no network access at all). Any server that can receive HTTP requests (which is all of them) can interact with a running SproutCore application, via XHR calls. Here’s some example languages and servers you could use to interact with a SproutCore application at runtime: CGI scripts, Java, .Net, PHP, Perl, Python, Django, Ruby, Rails/Merb/Rack, WebObjects, WebDav and countless others. During development, SproutCore’s ... (more)

HTML5 Drag and Drop in Firefox 3.5

HTML5 drag and drop in Firefox 3.5: With Firefox 3.5 all the major browsers (including IE!) support native drag and drop.  The SC.Drag interface in SproutCore was designed from the beginning to follow the same protocols.  That means once someone SC.Drag to use native drag events, all your SproutCore-drag code will automatically work between browser windows and applications without you making any changes to your code. HTML5 Ready. Volunteers? :) ... (more)

The Frozen Canuck Is At It Again

The Frozen Canuck is at it again.  This time with I think the first public explanation of how to build a custom view with the new SC.View class. Notice that SproutCore 1.0 views are built using a simple render() method where you generate HTML.  It’s a really easy API and it just so happens to be extremely fast, especially in IE where DOM manipulation is very expensive. Check it: Creating a Simple Custom View in SproutCore: Part1 ... (more)

SproutCore Task Manager on Google App Engine

SproutCore Task Manager on Google App Engine: The open-source agile tracker “tasks” is now hosted on Google App Engine.  It’s fast and also looking a lot nicer.  Go give it a look.  (login: guest) A user-signup app should be available soon and then we’re going to start planning some SC work on it.  Eventually I’d love to replace lighthouse with something SC native… ... (more)

#sproutcore on IRC

The IRC channel has been really active lately on #sproutcore.  SproutCore is used in enough places now that there is usually a real expert with a lot of experience available to talk to you these days. If you need some help or just want to introduce yourself, drop on by! #sproutcore on freenode.net ... (more)